EdTech Posse and my PD

Thanks to the initiative of Rob Wall, I experienced a conference call using Skype that is now a podcast. Alec Couros, Rob and I chatted for about a hour last night (the podcast is about 40 minutes) about a variety of educational technology issues. For me it was a great professional development experience and I appreciate getting the opportunity to learn and share.

We talked about a number of issues including the increase of bandwidth, open source software and more. This morning, my Bloglines account led me to a lecture by Thomas Friedman on his book “The World is Flat“. He actually tied in many of the ideas that the three of us discussed last night. I haven’t read the book but after hearing his lecture, I will.

I’m guessing that between the Skype podcast and the lecture, I probably got several hundreds of dollars worth of Professional Development. I paid nothing. I love it.