April 29, 2005

Knowing When to Log Off

The Chronicle: 4/22/2005: Knowing When to Log Off:

“David M. Levy, a computer scientist who loves technology and gets more than 100 e-mail messages a day, makes a point of unplugging from the Internet one day each week to clear his head. Even so, with all the e-mail messages flooding in, with academic blogs bursting with continuous debate, and with the hectic pace set by an increasingly wired world, Mr. Levy says he cannot help but feel an occasional sense of information overload.”

I can relate to this guy. The challenge we face as educators is developing reflective skills, basic information literacy, and a balance between the digital and real world. I would be as guilty as most in engaging in information overload. Although a tool like RSS can help sort things out better, we still live in a society obsessed with speed and instant on. Mr. Levy discusses some techniques in the article. One of my professors has a tag on his emails about his own experiment in limiting his email check.
I’d love to hear others lots on this or management ideas you have.