April 25, 2005

Information Overload

I’m quite aware of my tendency to engage in information overload when I give a workshop. I’m also cognizant of the time teachers devote to Professional Development. So in my efforts to provide the “most bang for the buck”, I give them a lot to consider.

Today I presented about the 5th blogging related workshop in the past few weeks. This is very encouraging but trying to fit a full understanding in an hour or two is challenging. For a few, I’ve been able to offer a couple of sessions. Still, between sharing the basic concept of blogging, looking at examples, setting up a blog, it’s fairly heavy. Not to mention exploring flickr and RSS. I’m impressed and amazed at how well most teachers are dealing with all the new stuff. I’m very fortunate to be able to devote much more time in understanding and experimenting with new technologies and communication tools.

I’ve been emphasizing that take out of each session something you can start off with and immerse yourselves in that. Many of the participants are truly eager and quite tech savvy. These are the ones that can’t get enough.

I’m encouraged not only by the “thank yous” but especially emails like the following..

“Hi Dean. I ‘love’ this new blogging stuff… Shelley and I have been working on this. It is soooo much simpler for me than webpaging.”

Shelley is one of my “disciples” who has only been blogging for a month. She was able to help another teacher find success.
The blog wave continues to roll.