April 7, 2005

Looking for the best of RSS

As the blog waves continues to roll, I’m currently working with a group of 5th grade students on creating blogs etc..

We began with looking at several blogs including Anne Davis’ and the great work of her students. My students were very eager to respond and immediately made the great connection of interaction and sharing that blogs provide.

Today we created their blog accounts and they made their initial posts.

We want to go full speed ahead. That means learning to use sites like Flickr and using RSS. Speaking of RSS, does anyone have a news site for kids that has an RSS feed? Bloglines search didn’t come up with much at all. Also, other than searching the public list of blogrolls, I’d love for people to share their favourite feeds for:

  • school administrators
  • elementary teachers
  • high school teachers
  • students
  • other educational feeds

You can look at my Blogroll to see which feeds I already subscribe to but as I bring more and more into the “fold”, I’d like to have a richer set of resources to showcase and introduce to them as they begin in RSS.

By the way, when does one officially attain the title of “blogvangelist“? I’m not sure if I am one but I’ve yet to see the definition. I wonder if Will R. will start issuing membership cards or how ’bout some t-shirts???