March 20, 2005

My own music game

My friends know that on my birthday, they will be subjected to some game I invent. My rules, my game, my birthday. This year I created a game called 41 (named after my new age). Guys against girls as usual.

I created six categories:

  • TV Themes
  • Movies
  • Classic Rock (songs most guys like)
  • Chick Songs (songs your wives like…they usually complain the questions are slanted toward men which is probably true, thus the invention of this category)
  • O’ Canada (songs by Canadian artists)
  • Seinfeld

So I download the files and and bring them into my audio editor. If you don’t have one, download Audacity. Then I create little clips and it becomes a modified “Name that tune”. I award bonus points if teams will break into spontaneous song or answer some other trivia related question such as what year was the movie released. Teams must answer at least 2 questions in each category. 2 points are awarded for correct answers plus bonuses.

Audio editing can be a lot of fun. With the advent of podcasting it will become more prevalent. A few friends of mine have gotten into audio editing because their daughters are dancers or figure skaters and they need to create music for thier performances. I always encourage teachers to explore how they use technology outside the classroom and it won’t be long before they bring it into their classroom.

BTW, the guys won 41 to 40.