March 15, 2005

My Favorite Firefox Extensions

If you haven’t yet switched to FireFox, stop reading and install it! Everytime a friend asks for help on their computer, I begin by installing FireFox. Everytime I’m forced to use IE I’m reminded how much tabbed browsing has improved my online experience. Then I feel sorry for those who aren’t using FireFox. I’m on a bit of a mission (aka teach42) I won’t go into all the reasons it’s the superior browser, but here are my favourite extensions:

  • Autofill…completes html forms
  • Forecast Fox…built in weather forecastor
  • Stumble Upon..choose your interests and do some real surfing
  • Just Blogit…a must if you’re a blogger
  • Image Toolbar…saving and copying features
  • Furl Tools…Quick access to furl
  • Bloglines Toolkit…a nice supplement to my news aggregator
  • Hotmail Tabs…opens hotmail links in new tabs
  • Link Preview…mouse over a link and you get a thumbnail preview
  • Foxytunes..puts a built in media player in your browser
  • ieview..right click to open a window in IE
  • Lasttab..close a tab and it returns you to your last tab
  • Sessionsaver 1.2 restores your tabs when your reopen FireFox, espescially handy if it crashes (it’s happened 3 times in the last 2 months) and even
  • Tabbrowser Preferences…enhanced control over tabbed browsing

The ones in bold are key for all users and I’m talking to our IT dept to include FireFox in our next ghosting. We already have it installed on our thin client systems. Again, if you’ve read all this and still haven’t downloaded FireFox…do it now!