Project Edge

An interesting experiment is underway. Two high school students are essentially leading an eJournalism project covering the 2005 Teachers’ Convention. Project Edge features 15 students from 5 schools ranging from grade 6-12. We have done similar projects here in Moose Jaw. Full Coverage was part of the 2003 Convention.

The difference with this project is that students are running the show. They are organizing, training and in charge. Myself and another teacher are the support teachers but are working really hard at removing ourselves from the process. I always have trouble keeping my hands off but I’m learning to let it go. As my colleague discovered this morning during a training session, these kids really don’t need us here.

Hopefully we can just stay out of their way!

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  • Anonymous

    My what a talented soul you are! Blogging is a great idea – I’ll watch this site for new developments.

  • Anonymous

    I agree … our key is to keep our hands out of the creative cookie jar and let the students make meaning of the project for themselves. As a teacher this can be difficult as we want to see them excel at the rate they are capable instead of seeing them slowly stumble into their groove. It will be exciting to see how it all turns out. A “good on you” for initiating project edge.